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Orlando Wedding Flowers and Events

Atlantis Flower and Gifts is delighted to be your local Orlando Florist for weddings and other special events. Located in beautiful Lake Mary, Atlantis Flowers is just a heart beat away from all the major event halls and hotels.

Specializing in the most elegant floral arrangements, our florists are trained artisans that will add the most elegant touch to your wedding. From contemporary arrangements to the most elegant, all Atlantis Flowers are custom designed.

We know that weddings are one of the most important events in life. Let us masterfully craft and design the wedding bouquets for your bride and brides maids. For the groom and grooms men we will add the finishing touches to their stunning tuxedos with our corsages.


Wedding Reception Flowers

After the wedding ceremony treat your guests with both refreshments and visual sensation as they are stunned by your reception decor. We partner with Westgate Resorts to offer some of the deals on hotels in Orlando for your guests to enjoy and relax after your big day!

All hand made arrangements are guarnteed to be fresh, original and beautifully crafted to blend perfectly into your weddings theme. We'll create center pieces for the tables, surround your wedding cake with floral brilliance, and much more.


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